67 Minutes at Taquanta

July 2013

Taquanta celebrated Mandela Day by making and distributing lunch parcels to one of Cape Town’s most under resourced schools.

Pupils at W.D Hendricks Primary School, situated in Factreton, were truly overjoyed when a few Taquanta staff members rolled in and delivered 364 lunch packs on a day when the much needed school feed scheme delivery vehicle could not make it.

Behind the scenes, Taquanta had purchased 37 loaves of bread and various other goodies and began building these food parcels which comprised: a substantial sandwich, a soft drink and fruit, each individually sealed in a zip lock bag. An old fashioned production line ensured that the task was completed in 67 minutes.

As a token of their appreciation, the pupils belted out a very unique and moving Happy Birthday ballad to Tata. As pupils ran off to all corners of the school to enjoy their parcels, the Taquanta team enjoyed a walkabout of the school and finally thanked the principal and his staff for their incredible dedication and unselfish devotion.

Mandela Day - Taquanta's 67 Minutes

We will be back W.D Hendricks!

p.s. Happy Birthday Madiba and thank you for all that you have done for our wonderful country!

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