Taquanta Investment Holdings

Taquanta Investment Holdings is a black-owned financial services group that’s changing the face of the financial services space. Taquanta is a financial services company for the future.

The group incorporates two businesses

However, Taquanta is more than the sum of our parts. We are an innovative leader, breaking out of the sector’s homogeneous mould and harnessing the collective energy, experience and expertise of our people to produce ground-breaking solutions that offer more flexibility and innovation; more collaboration and certainty; and more value.

Taquanta is…

  • A young, new company with a solid track record.
  • An experienced operation with proven solutions and a passion for innovation.
  • A black-owned company with a deep commitment to broad-based empowerment.
  • A financial services company that delivers quantifiable certainty with adaptable flair.
  • A company that’s reshaping conventional financial services thinking and doing.
  • A company that is blurring the rigid lines between financial silos to deliver innovative solutions.
  • An accountable, trustworthy company that delivers tangible value to clients.


Taquanta’s roots and track record go back to the mid-1990’s when companies like Syfrets, UAL Merchant Bank, Nedbank Investment Bank were respected, household names in the South African financial services arena.

In October 1997, Nedbank Investment Bank, Syfrets and UAL Merchant Bank merged into NIB.

Various rationalisations and restructurings thereafter led to the emergence of Nedbank Treasury Asset Management, Nedcor Treasury Management Services and NIB Securities. In January 2005, an empowerment consortium, Taquanta, acquired a minority stake in these businesses which were subsequently rebranded as Taquanta Asset Managers, Taquanta Treasury Solutions and Taquanta Securities.

In July 2007, Nedbank’s three empowered Taquanta financial solutions offerings moved out of the Nedbank fold to go it alone under the umbrella of a new black-owned entity, Taquanta Investment Holdings (TIH). Shareholders in TIH include several of the members of the original Taquanta consortium.
The acquisition of TIH was partially vendor financed. In October 2008 TIH settled all outstanding preference share commitments.

Taquanta Treasury Solutions was sold to management of the business in September 2014.

Taquanta Asset Managers (Pty) Ltd is a licensed financial services providers in terms of section 8 of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 37, 2002 (licence number 618). Taquanta Securities is a member of the Johannesburg Securities Exchange.

There are risks associated with investments in financial products, including market, credit & currency risks. Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance.

Taquanta Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd

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