Taquanta Asset Managers: Fixed Income Team is one of only a few specialist cash and fixed income asset managers in South Africa, with more than two-thirds of our assets under management in specialist cash mandates, where we enhance the returns on fixed income assets in excess of R75 billion.

Our Fixed Income Team, consisting of former Treasury professionals whose skills are clearly differentiated from generic cash and fixed income asset managers, is amongst the top ranked cash teams in the country from a consistency and risk adjusted return perspective.

Our track record over all interest rate and credit cycles has no peer in the industry.

Our dedicated team of investment professionals’ sole purpose is to create out-performance in the fixed income markets, through all market conditions and interest rate cycles. This has given us a significant edge in the money markets and has enabled us to achieve an enviable record of delivering risk adjusted yields in excess of the industry benchmarks and money market unit trusts.

Taquanta manages enhanced cash portfolios for clients ranging from Pension and Provident Funds, Medical Aids, Unit Trusts, Corporates and the majority of the multi-managers in South Africa, with the performance of these portfolios being ranked consistently in the top quartile across the key measurement periods in the industry surveys produced by the leading asset consultants.


Taquanta Asset Managers Fixed Income Team with a combined experience in excess of 66 years, has a proven track record of delivering consistent out performance against our client benchmarks on a risk adjusted basis.

Taquanta Asset Managers: Cash - Fixed InterestAs we only manage portfolios in the institutional space, we are very focused on the portfolios we manage and avoid a lot of the “noise” encountered in the management of small mandates and retail clients. With this in mind, due to the development of the domestic fixed income market in South Africa, we are of the view that it is not financially viable for our clients to have their fixed income portfolios managed on a segregated basis unless they are in excess of R250 million. The rationale for this is due to the deal size of trades done in the institutional markets and the fact that small segregated funds compromise the clients return due to higher levels of liquidity risk.

The Taquanta Fixed Income Team is the largest enhanced cash manager of medical aid mandates in South Africa, due in part to the Core and Liquid portfolio management strategy it developed in 2005, which has led to it being the top ranked Medical Aid manager over all measurement periods as reflected in the Alexander Forbes medical aid survey.

In addition to this, our team assists our clients in the Medical Aid sector to achieve optimal returns on short-term liquidity positions through the development and implementation of a cash management policy framework that defines the boundaries and cash management relationships between the Medical Aid, the Scheme Administrator and the Asset Manager.

Ensuring role clarity among these key relationships helps to ensure that optimal cash levels are maintained in the operational bank accounts and simultaneously, enhancing the returns on its reserves. It is important to note that this is achieved within the constraints of Regulation 29 & 30 of the Medical Schemes Act.

Taquanta believes that there is often insufficient focus by Medical Aids on the management of their cash and fixed income portfolios. We have proved over all interest rate cycles that enhanced liquidity management gives rise to enhanced yield, while reducing our clients’ price risk and enhancing capital preservation, the number one rule in cash management. Greater attention to this asset class by Medical Aids would enable them to enhance the returns on their reserves, without increasing risk to their capital or reserves.

Key Market Segments

The key market segments in which we manage client mandates are:

  1. The NedGroup Money Market Fund
  2. The NedGroup Core Income Fund
  3. The Taquanta Cash Pooled Fund – Compliant with Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act
  4. The Taquanta Medical Aid Portfolio – Core and Liquid portfolios which are compliant with Regulation 29 and 30 of the Medical Schemes Act.
  5. The Taquanta Corporate Fixed Income Portfolio which is geared for mid to large size companies that have surplus cash and require good return adjusted returns with daily liquidity.



Stephen Rogers Stephen Rogers
Managing Director – Asset Managers
Direct Tel: +27 21 681 5155
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Ray Wallace Taquanta Fixed Income Ray Wallace, CFA
Chief Investment Officer
Direct Tel : +27 21 681 5160
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Sharika Salie Sharika Salie
Portfolio Manager
Direct Tel : +27 21 681 5164
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Marshall-Brown Marshall Brown
Senior Portfolio Manager
Direct Tel : +27 21 681 5115
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Faith Muramba Faith Muramba
Portfolio Manager
Direct Tel : +27 21 681 5165
Fax Tel : +27 21 681 5166/88/99
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Clyde Gangerdine - Portfolio Manager, Taquanta Clyde Gangerdine
Portfolio Manager
Direct Tel : +27 21 681 5145
Fax Tel : +27 21 681 5199
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Chane Hendricks - Trainee Analyst, Taquanta Chane Hendricks
Trainee Analyst
Direct Tel : +27 21 681 5149
Fax Tel : +27 21 681 5199
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Taquanta Asset Managers (Pty) Ltd is a licensed financial services provider in terms of section 8 of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 37, 2002 (licence numbers 618).
There are risks associated with investments in financial products, including market, credit & currency risks. Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance.

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