Equity Portfolio Management

Taquanta Securities provides equity portfolio management services, offering clients tailored solutions to suit their personal needs. Our longest running portfolio, managed since September 2004 has returned 239.5% vs. the 184.6% return of the JSE All Share Index, as at the end of 2011 – with far lower volatility.

This division is headed by Charles Foster, a seasoned investment professional with 24 years’ experience in the asset management industry. From 1994 Charles managed the Metropolitan General Equity Fund – which won many accolades and awards. The outperformance of this fund, notwithstanding many different investment cycles and environments, bears testament to Charles’s belief in his investment philosophy and process. This focus on a longer-term investment horizon, and hunger for consistent investment performance is what underpins our equity portfolio management business.We align our interests entirely with our clients, and live by the mantra “we don’t do for our clients what we would not do for ourselves”. We are an entirely client focused business, where the credibility of our track record is key in attracting and retaining clients, and this is evident in the nature of the growth in our client base and mandates over time.


Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy is to invest for life – we focus on the longer term horizon. Our portfolios experience very low turnover, if any at all. Over time the broad equity market provides returns in excess of inflation, the real enemy. We aim to beat these broad market indices, and whilst we make no promises on this score, we have been successful in achieving this to date, on both an absolute and risk adjusted basis. We believe our investment philosophy will allow us to continue to do so going forward.
Furthermore, we believe patience is rewarded in the investment universe, and we empower ourselves to make long term investment decisions on your behalf. Whilst the goal is for all client portfolios to be fully invested, we are patient in this endeavour – we view volatility as a potential opportunity and not necessarily a risk. We believe in investing in companies with consistent dividend paying track records that also have the potential to grow, and increase their dividend payments. We do not invest to realise short term gains or profits

  • All portfolios exist within the robust JSE fiduciary environment and hold JSE listed assets only
  • Each client portfolio is managed on a segregated basis
  • All clients enjoy full transparency – and we provide the relevant information required to fully evaluate the performance & holdings of the portfolio monthly
  • All return and portfolio performance figures are presented on a net of fees basis

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